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Otautahi Tattoo are a specialist tattoo studio based in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown. Their team offer quality tattoos and body art in a clean and friendly environment. Their artists cover a wide range of genres and tattoo styles, through Maori Ta Moko and Kirituhi, to Polynesian Tatau like Samoan and Tahitian tattoo, Japanese Irezumi and classic Traditional and Old School through to Neo Traditional and Realism, Script Lettering and more.

By the time Otautahi engaged SME Marketing to manage their digital advertising campaigns (Search and Social), they’d been advertising online for quite some time. Unfortunately, having bounced around a few providers who promised more than they delivered, their last partner had delivered such poor results that their sales in a couple of locations had really started to decline – with the studios empty for much longer than the business could afford.

What was needed was a quick shot in the arm to get the business busy again – across all three locations.

The SME Marketing approach, as always, was to tighten up the digital advertising and focus on activity that had historically proven to deliver results. That got us a few quick runs on the board, but we’d have to dive deeper to really get sales cranking.

We worked through creative execution variations that drove more traffic and carefully monitored how well visitors to the site translated into actual customers. We also focused on reducing the cost of each visitor to the site (CPC or cost-per-click) while maintaining our strong sales conversions. This had the effect of driving much more bang for Otautahi Tattoo’s buck.

Finally, we were able to identify a couple of great social media advertising opportunities to help drive specific sales to each clinic – giving us the ability ramp up sales in a specific studio as and when needed. How did we do it? Well, you’ll need to give us a call for that. We don’t want Otautahi Tattoo’s competitors finding out what we’re up to do we?

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After a few short months, we’d been able to deliver an incredible turnaround in sales performance. Not only were we able to deliver cost-per-click results that were lower than anything Otautahi Tattoo had previously seen, more importantly, we were able to ensure that site visitors actually turned into paying customers.

As a result of the great results, Otautahi’s studios have never been busier and, they’re grateful to finally have a digital advertising partner who delivers on what they promise up front.

We’re looking forward to continuing our efforts to drive great performance for the business while ensuring Kiwis can discover a truly great tattoo service.


Client Testimonial:


"SME marketing have been an awesome team to work with. Glyn Leggett, our account manager has made things extremely easy to work through, with constant contact and rapid response. Any issues or ideas are easily broached and discussed, either over the phone, via email or, simply organising quick person to person meets to talk things through, where he not only takes on board our suggestions and ideas, he puts them over to his team to discuss and bring back other options for us to decide on ourselves as to how we want to push forward. 

Our account was set up quickly and, improved rapidly. With a dedicated account manager and team behind him helping to tighten and tweak things on an ongoing basis, our accounts are constantly monitored and updated improving out reach while cutting back on costs as well! All in all, a great team with great customer care. They genuinely value their clients and want the customer to prosper alongside themselves."

Marketing Manager
Otautahi Tattoo


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