Welcome to SME Marketing.


We’re dedicated to the success of small to medium sized New Zealand businesses.

You know the ones. Where owners have poured their heart and soul into them.

Slogged their guts out to make a go of it.

Succeeded and failed, then picked themselves up again, and succeeded and failed again, and picked themselves up again. Over and over again – never giving up.

We think people like that deserve a champion. A partner willing to be measured not on the number of advertising awards on their wall, but on the business results they’ve produced for their clients.

Marketing success should be measured in sales.

What kind of results are we talking about? 95% of the time, it’s sales.

And here’s the weird thing. Hardly any marketing, advertising, design or digital agency offers anything that directly impacts sales.

Seriously. Advertising contributes to sales, but it doesn’t close them. Web optimisation’s important for attracting quality leads, but it doesn’t close sales. A good marketing strategy points you in the right direction, but it doesn’t close sales.

We’re interested in you closing sales. In fact, we’ve built our whole business around it.

Like you, we’re staking our future on a business idea that we’re passionate about.


Where other agencies deliver on some aspect of marketing, we go the whole way, right through to closing the sale.

But don’t other agencies already do that? No they don’t. If you’re like most of the clients we work with, you’ll have experienced at least one of these scenarios from your previous agency:

  • An insightful strategy – but little support in implementing it.

  • A great awareness campaign – and no plan to translate it into online activity that results in the phone starting to ring.

  • Lots of leads – but of poor quality or without a strategy for converting them.

  • A great sales strategy but no support for your sales team who have to deliver on it.

We’re interested in marketing structures that work

We make it our business to have every part of your marketing and sales activity working well, working together, and producing measurable increases in sales or profits or both.

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If you're an SME business owner wanting to grow your sales, before you look at advertising or marketing activity, make sure you understand your Customer Engagement Process. It'll help you to deliver better outcomes to your customers while ensuring you don't spend more than you need to promoting your SME business.

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