What do you want smart marketing to deliver in your small business?


Quality marketing solutions can deliver a range of great outcomes for small to medium businesses (SME’s). Outcomes include; building awareness of your business, increasing the number of prospects you can sell to, improving your conversion of those sales opportunities and, increasing the number of people who come back to you to buy again – while also telling others to do the same.

But smart marketing solutions aren’t just about driving more sales for your business. They might also be about creating the type of business you enjoy working in. Creating a business that people want to work for. Or helping you set up a business that can keep working when you’re not there.

Quality marketing is simply about building a quality business.

Small to medium businesses (SME's) can benefit hugely from quality marketing solutions, yet research suggests that only around 4% of Kiwi small business owners work with a marketing partner. Why?

We think, it's because most marketing agencies focus on working with larger companies. Companies who already have in-house marketing staff. Companies they can charge large fees and ongoing monthly retainers. This approach doesn’t work for SME businesses, or more specifically for SME owners.

We take a different approach.


Smart marketing strategies from small business budgets


Small to medium businesses often miss out on smart marketing strategies because they believe their smaller marketing budgets will prevent them from getting great outcomes. Nothing could be further from the truth. A smaller budget simply requires a more targeted approach. A clear focus on where to achieve best bang for buck.

Where should your small business focus its marketing efforts?

SME Marketing are set up to solve this exact problem. We've structured our services to help small business owners identify the best areas to focus their marketing efforts in order to achieve the strongest possible outcomes.

To find out more about how we work, check out our approach to helping our clients achieve success. Alternatively, scroll down for an understanding of the four core marketing services we can support you with. Better yet, why not arrange a chat. We don't charge for initial meetings, but you might just walk away with some valuable insights for your business.


Four marketing services to drive SME success

Strategic planning support to help you create the business you want, and get you moving in the right direction.

Every business needs messages that separate them from the competition. We'll create a story that connects with your audience.

Reach your customers and connect in a way they find appealing. Then use smart and cost effective ways to continue to engage.

Even the best advertising can't close a sale. We ensure your sales approach aligns to your message and helps you to win more often.

Thinking about SME's and the marketing that helps them succeed


Every now and then we're inspired to write down our thoughts on some aspect of marketing or life in small to medium businesses. Here's some of the recent thoughts that have crossed our minds...