Dozens of messages – all derived from quality thinking

A kiwi campaign for electrolux vacuums with a swedish touch

When we first sat down with Electrolux, it was clear they knew their customer. It was also clear that they put their customer at the forefront of their product development thinking, in order to create a range of products that met and exceeded their expectations. The biggest question however was how we could share that story with the New Zealand vacuum buying public.

The challenge:

Electrolux vacuums have a long history in Kiwi homes, but over the last five years, the brand had lost some of its awareness and prestige in the market. Our role, was to bring the Electrolux brand back to the forefront of Kiwi minds, while letting them know about the great range of features Electrolux offers and of course their pedigree as a quality Swedish brand. Of course, awareness couldn't be the only factor. We also needed to grow sales.

The Insight:

As we gained more and more information, it became apparent that we had a lot of potential messages to share. And a lot of myths to dispel. As we started cataloging the range of valuable features of the Electrolux range, it was clear that our campaign would have to include a multi-layered approach – sharing the right features at the right time with the right audience. There was simply too much to say in a single ad.

What we needed was a way to tie all the messages together, and we soon found it in the Electrolux approach to quality. Every innovation, every clever feature offered, could be tied back to an Electrolux engineer or designer thinking about providing a better quality product. Engineers spend countless hours looking for ways to make products more robust and easier to use. This thinking about quality is at the forefront of every decision made about an Electrolux vacuum.

The Solution:

The Electrolux team had already committed to a TV campaign when we first met with them, with the view that this would be supported by a new, vacuum focused website and digital advertising campaign. Our role was to deliver a smart solution that told the Electrolux quality story in a compelling way - connecting with Kiwi audiences, and inspiring them to buy an Electrolux vacuum.

We brought in respected creatives Phil Parsonage and Guy Johnson to develop a great creative solution to our brief. Tasked with having only 30 seconds to get across a range of key messages, they developed a smart way for Electrolux to tell their quality story and highlight some of the great features of their product range along the way. See our solution for yourself:

Of course, even four different TVC's couldn't tell the whole story. So we worked with website developers Hatch to create a new website that could really tell the Electrolux vacuum cleaners story and, help Kiwi vacuum buyers make a smarter decision by debunking a few vacuum myths. And we created a digital advertising campaign to drive traffic to the site.We even created some low cost videos to help explain some of the more technical features, to really bring their benefits to life.


While we can't go into detail with commercially sensitive information, it's fair to say the campaign has been a resounding success. Electrolux have received a wide range of positive feedback on the campaign, from both customers and retail partners. The first TVC received over 53,000 views on YouTube in its first three weeks, and consumers seem to be really connecting with Filip.

Importantly, product orders from retailers have exceeded expectations on the back of the campaign launch, and most significant of all, consumer sales are up significantly. And we're just getting started.

Client Testimonial:


"Daniel from SME marketing was recommend to me by a media colleague who I have worked with over many years and trust. When meeting with Daniel he explained everything in clear non “Media” language to me. It became very clear early on that working with Daniel and the team he suggested to make the TV and digital to work together was the right choice for Electrolux Home Care & Small Domestic Appliances NZ. 

I have never felt pressured into making a decision and every choice we have made from creative through to production we were always offered several candidates. Discussing each point with Daniel was made easy as he never pushed, just advised the pros and cons of each. The experience together to date has been very rewarding and I look forward to growing our partnership together as we move into 2018 and another fantastic campaign."

– Alan Dalton
General Manager
Electrolux Home Care and Small Domestic Appliances


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