Massive sales growth in minimal time? Sure


Lifestyle Finance are a boutique finance company specialising in providing finance to home owners to fund the marketing costs when selling their home. It’s a great offer that provides 90-days interest free and 90-days of deferred payment, all at a time when home owners are frequently stretched for funds. 

The business was in its early stages when SME Marketing came on board, so it’s fair to say the sales growth targets were aggressive. Once we understood the offer though, we felt that with the right support, they could be achieved.

After talking with the Lifestyle Finance team, it was clear that while the offer was great – home owner feedback suggested that this was a service that people very much appreciated – the business was having trouble in explaining it in simple terms – especially to Real Estate Agents. 

We developed a series of key messages to be able to explain the Lifestyle Finance offer in simple terms that made sense for both home owners and real estate agents. We then helped the Lifestyle Finance team to be able to deliver this message clearly and confidently in multiple sales related situations. 

The new messaging was applied to a simple new website that told the Lifestyle Finance story more effectively along with a low-cost platform that allows our client to easily make future updates to their site.


To really get the sales firing, we developed a clear sales strategy and trained the team on how to conduct and manage sales calls. This included ongoing sales management to ensure that sales calls were being made and any issues in the sales process could be identified and resolved in short order.  

In addition, sales collateral, advertising templates and sales presentations were developed over time to help promote and reinforce the Lifestyle Finance offer.



The refined messaging and sales strategy not only help to drive more focused activity for the business, it also provided improved confidence to the team in conducting sales calls and presentations. Combined with a clearer website and supporting collateral, sales results have skyrocketed. 

In our first 12 months of working with Lifestyle Finance, monthly sales have increased by over 400%

Best of all, new client and market opportunities continue to present themselves, so future growth prospects for the business are looking extremely promising.

Client Testimonial:


"When we first engaged with SME Marketing it was clear that Daniel and the team understood our passion and vision – they felt like the perfect fit – but we were nervous that their offer sounded a little too good to be true. Would they live up to the promise?

Over 12 months later I can confidently say everything SME Marketing said at the first initial meeting has come to fruition and more.  Their commitment to our business has been unwavering. I would have no hesitation recommending Daniel and the team to anyone looking for growth within their business."

– Karen Jackson
Managing Director
Lifestyle Finance


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