The value of a clear point of difference


Fission IT are a specialist managed-IT provider, with a specific focus on supporting businesses as they grow – a particularly difficult time for business technology needs and fraught with potential issues. Fission IT are able to help small business owners transition their IT needs as their business grows without the pain of having to over-invest in technology, or invest in systems which become redundant as the business continues to grow.

Our first introduction to Fission IT was to provide a smart billboard solution to announce the businesses arrival in the Taranaki region.


 As we got to know the Fission IT team, it became clear that the business lacked a unique story to help set them apart from their many competitors. They engaged our Positioning service and we defined a series of key messages to help them identify how the business differed from their competitors and why their offering was so valuable to their ideal customer base.

On the back of our positioning work, it became clear that the business sales proposals could also be adapted to be more effective. We provided guidance, and a little copywriting, in order to add greater clarity and engagement in the document.

We have subsequently been asked to develop an email template to help connect with small business owners who might be interested in finding a more robust managed IT partner.



Our positioning work has helped the businesses sales team to be more confident in their sales approach, while also helping to define the ideal types of businesses to target. The rollout of our new messaging into the sales proposal has seen an improvement in conversion rates, helping to make the overall sales function in the business more efficient.


Client Testimonial:


"Prior to engaging SME Marketing we had struggled as a business to clearly communicate our point of difference. The positioning project gave us a lot of new insight into the business we thought we knew so well!

I was impressed by the thorough nature of the project, and the attention to detail. It gave us an accurate picture of how we were perceived in the market, and we experienced a few ‘light bulb moments” as part of this.

We were so impressed we have used SME Marketing on other customer engagement requirements since, and have been very happy with the outcomes."

– Mark Anyon
Managing Director
Fission IT


Services Provided: