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You may have heard the word 'creative' thrown around a bit by marketing or advertising agencies. What they're really talking about is ads. Or brochures. Or trade show displays. Basically anything that conveys the message your business is trying to share with it's customers. Creative – the communication piece – is the output of Creatives – the people who's job it is to create the clever ideas and deliver the end result, that is (hopefully) a great ad, brochure or trade show display.

Great creative does much more than just stand out. It reaches its identified audience and connects, encouraging the desired action. 

Creative work is often praised for it's ability to stand out from a crowd of otherwise uninspiring ads or communication messages. But great creative does much more than just stand out. It reaches its identified audience and connects, encouraging the desired action. 

In order to achieve great results though, you must first be clear about these three things:

  1. What is the key message you want your audience to understand?
  2. Who is the core audience you're trying to reach.
  3. What is the action you want them to take?

Creative, as a piece of communication, can be applied to literally anything you can think of as a means to deliver your message to your target audience - irrespective of media, budget or business size. No matter what it is you want to say, or the budget you have to say it with, there's a great creative way to deliver your story to your ideal audience so that you get real business results.


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